You may register and prepay your wishes, at current prices. A price guarantee is received in this case, where at the time of your death, The Funeral Directors receives the principal and the interest that has accrued on the account in exchange for the guarantee that the price will not go up by more that the interest on the account will cover.

You may choose to pre-register and not prepay. This will allow you to make your wishes known for your family at the time of your death. Unlike many other cremation providers there is no charge for pre-registering at The Funeral Directors.

A form is provided at the register now page of our web site to register. All information on this form is kept confidential and never shared with any others. The information is required for the death certificate and other documents needed at the time of death.

When services are prepaid and at the time of death the amount in the trust account exceeds the current price. The excess will be refunded to the estate of the deceased or, can be spent on other funeral expenses such as death certificates, obituary, etc.

When specific services are prepaid and guaranteed and at the time of death the amount in the trust account is less than charges at the time. The Funeral Directors will perform the services for the amount in the trust.

Registration Form