The Modern Woman’s Guide to Funeral Dresses

The-Modern-Womans-Guide-to-Funeral-Dresses1-23Getting just the right outfit for a funeral is a delicate thing. You don’t want to be disrespectful to the deceased or their family but you also want to find something that you can feel good in and maybe even something you could wear again. Today we’ll go over just a few ground rules and then show you some great options.

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Tip #1 Stick to Dark Tones

Black is always a great basic and there are tons of options. If you can’t find something that’s all black, stick to darker tones.little-black-dress-sexy-1_1024x1024

Tip #2 Patterns are Ok, But Don’t Go Too Crazy

The funeral isn’t about you, so don’t go there trying to make a statement with your outfit. Let the focus be on the loved one who has passed away and their family.dress-serendipity-tulle-skirt-4

Tip #3 Dress Accordingly

The funeral or memorial service is typically a somber event where the grief of the family shouldn’t be aggravated by someone dressing inappropriately. Be respectful of the style and wishes of the family. That may mean finding something that’s closer to their taste than your own.b54d62a71f99f091131e2e38268fc0bc

Do you have other fashion ground rules you have found to be important at funerals? Share in the comments below!