Become an Organ Donor Today

Become-an-Organ-Donor-Today4-24Most people do not enjoy thinking about death, understandably so. For some, this fear of death stops them from registering as an organ donor. The statistics on the need for organ donation are staggering. According to Donate Life America, there are 118,000 men, women and children who are waiting for an organ donation to save their lives. Every 10 minutes another person is added to the national waiting list. 22 people die per day because they were waiting for an organ donation. It’s hard to deny that the need is great. Only 54% of Americans are registered as organ donors while 95% think that it’s a good idea. It’s time to close that gap.

When you’re ready to register as an organ donor, the process is easy! To become a Minnesota Organ Donor simply visit this website: and follow the directions. If you are resident of another state, you can visit and they can help guide you through the process of becoming an organ donor in your state. You won’t regret making this life impacting decision!

Aside from registering to be an organ donor, there are other ways to support the cause. Consider doing one or all of these things to help increase awareness and the number of registered organ donors in your community:

Become a Donate Life Ambassador: Anyone can become a Donate Life Ambassador with LifeSource. As an ambassador, you can share your donation or transplant story and help educate the public about Minnesota organ donation and transplantation. As an ambassador, you may be involved in activities such as health fairs, community events, sporting events, parades, etc.

Offer your support to the Wrapped in Hugs program from LifeSource: This program dedicates itself to giving donors’ families a handmade wrap following the donation process.

Spread the word! Let your friends and family know that as a Minnesota organ donor, you have the opportunity to heal up to 60 people.