Cremation Packages

We offer a select number of Cremation Packages that range from Direct Cremation to a Memorial Tribute with a Public Gathering. Our facilities provide for small family gatherings and private family reviewals before the cremation process takes place.

All cremation packages include:

  • Staff services,
  • Taking your loved one into our care from the place of death within seven county metro area,
  • Crematory fee,
  • Cremation container,
  • Filing of death certificate, obtaining permits, notifying Social Security, veterans papers,
  • Help in placing obituary,
  • Simple plastic urn,
  • Delivery of cremated remains within the seven-county metro area.

(A $50.00 discount is offered for prepayment or payment at time of arrangements.)

Direct Cremation $1,595.00
After Discount…. $1,545.00

Direct Cremation with Private Family Gathering $1,770.00
After Discount… $1720.00

(The Family Gathering is held at the Twin Cities Cremation facilities.)

Memorial Service Preceded by Cremation $1,895.00
After Discount… $1,845.00

(The Memorial Service is held at a location OTHER than Twin Cities Cremation facilities.)

Memorial Tribute and Public Gathering followed by Cremation $4,095.00
After Discount… $4,045.00

(This package includes a visitation before the service with your loved one present in a Viewing Casket at a location OTHER than Twin Cities Cremation facilities.)